e martë, 30 tetor 2007

EDC Gold Gets a New Face Lift!

EDC Gold has done it again! Not only have they revamped the websites, but

this week, Oct 23, 2007, they have Pre-Launched.....EDC Diamond! Wow, another

awesome program in the family of EDC & EDC Gold. I myself am so very excited

to be a part of a company that is constantly innovating new ideas, new

concepts, new marketing techniques. The owners, Michael Corcoran & Craig

Garcia, are in constant design state.

I have been a member of EDC Gold for six months, and I have witnessed, first

hand, the power of EDC Gold. I now consider myself an Expert Internet Marketer

- all because of the training included with EDC Gold. EDC Diamond has knocked

the socks off any so-called competitor.

And EDC Gold's 2 up system? Not Any More…. Well, NOW when you join EDC Gold

at $997, your first sale does not completely go to your sponsor anymore. Now

it is a 60/40 split for the first 2 sales...Meaning, you join your sponsor.

You make your

first sale, you keep $600 and your sponsor receives the remaining $397. And

your second sale is split the same way. Now, the new member starts seeing

commission from the very first sale you make.

Now, let's talk residual income. Everyone marketing on the internet wants

residual income, right? EDC Gold has recently implemented Residual Income for

it's members. Now the monthly admin fee for all 3 programs, Easy Daily Cash,

EDC Gold, and EDC Diamond, is split between the company and the sponsor. So

each and every month you are building a MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME.

In short, EDC members are expert internet marketers, teaching others to be

expert internet marketers. The Marketing Software continually grows and

expands, many of which I use on a daily basis. The 12 hours a week of live

training helps even the newest of newbies jump right in and begin learning.

The 150 hours of past training is available in the member's area so countries

with varying time zones can access it at any time. And the reputation of EDC

speaks for itself.

Visit the EDC Gold site at …….and Join Now to be

Grandfathered into EDC Diamond. Save yourself $1500. Be a part of the best

marketing company on the internet today. Curious about EDC Diamond? Evaluate

it here: http://turbomike.edcdiamond.com/.